Happy New Year 2017!

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Happy New Year 2017

2017 Is Here

Welcome to 2017! I love the New Year as it is 365 days for new adventures. We look forward to you joining us on some. 🙂

New for 2017

With it now 2017 we are looking forward to launching two new product lines!

After much review and comments from you our customers we are excited to announce that the long awaited Liquid Soaps are on their way back. That’s right folks shampoos, body washes and liquid foaming hand soap is just around the corner. Formulas are in test marketing now and packaging and labeling are almost complete. If you have every got the chance to talk with me personally you will know that this part takes me the longest as it has to be just so and I am VERY PICKY.

Second we are going to have Therapeutic Balms. Arnica, Immune Booster, and Sinus are just a few of what are to become available. These will be available before the end of January. Be sure you subscribe to our blog and/or newsletter so you don’t miss the opportunity to be the first in getting these new items.

As we get closer to these becoming available we will be sending out more information on each product so be on the lookout.

Holiday Closure and Inventory

With it being a new year comes inventory. Yep, we count every last little piece and weigh every last raw good and this VERY time consuming.  Myself and my worker bees will be doing this from January 1st through January 8th reopening for the new year on January 9th. This also gives me a chance to kick back and relax for a couple of days between the craziness of the inventory and diving head first in to 2017!

Fun & Quirky Facts

Did you know that January 1st has other fun National Holidays besides New Years? Well it is National Bloody Mary Day and Polar Bear Swim Day! Just to name a few.

I love Bloody Marys so I thought I would include my recipe for you to check out! Click on the link or pop over to our Blog where you can find it always. Do you have your own recipe to share? I am always up to try something new and delicious.

As far as the Polar Bear Swim Day those people are just flat crazy! I can’t imagine actually jumping into freezing cold water by choice. I had to unclog our ditch yesterday that runs in front of our property because it was flooding us out. It was 13 degrees outside and I swear the water was the same temp. NOT FUN! I think I now I must go get my sweater,  I get cold just thinking about it. Brrrrr…… I just had to find out more on this now annual event and found it is a world-wide event. Here is a fun read!

So on that note we again want to wish you a Happy New Year!

‘Til Next Time,


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