It’s time to blog!

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2016 Happy New Year

Better Late Than Never To Blog…

It’s time to join in on the best place to share information so let’s blog in 2016! We are excited to announce the CCE Blog starting now and will be randomly updated until I get the hang of it. Here we will be discussing many different topics from facts, to recipes shared, to funny little jokes provided by my two kiddos Zig & Zag for all of your reading pleasure and who knows what else! I am surprised to see myself what will happen and what will be added as the blog grows and matures throughout time.

We are new to blogging so bear with us as we get this new and exciting challenge under our belt! This post is going to be short and sweet as I work on our first official topic for 2016.  Since you are taking your time to read this be sure to follow us on our Facebook Page where you will get to see all of the events where we will be, what’s new, old and outta here, plus, fun give-a-way opportunities!

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P.S. OK, OK so most of the jokes provided will be a bit corny but who doesn’t love a good corny joke every now and again?! Especially when told by children who think it is the funnies thing in the world and their eyes light up in anticipation of your reaction! Those will be posted as they are told to me. Be sure to add your own jokes as they love to hear new ones too!