First EVER End Of Year Sales Event

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End Of Year Sales Event is here!

Waking up early this morning, I am sooo not a morning person, I met this morning with nervous excitement as I prepared for our first every End Of Year Sales Event! Coffee in hand, I was on Facebook posting the event, sharing it across my groups and running my first ever boosted offer through Facebook.  With in minutes, ok more like 60, I had everything set and *BAM*  the first response and order hits me! Pure ELATION! Now comes the packing and shipping of the order. What could possibly take down my high?!

Facebook Notification

“Due to the text in your Ad you are paying more than you should.” received this from Facebook Ads Manager. Bummer…… Yet I am glad they notified me let’s fix this and keep rolling!

Let’s dive in to the Help Center and get informed. Yes, I paid for a boosted Offer and am seriously wanting the biggest bang for my buck. Every smart business person wants this. Advertising is expensive so it’s a no brainer to immediately drop what you are doing and make the changes necessary. So off I go into Facebook Help Land and see that it should be a simple fix. Yeah! I just need to adjust my image from all text to adding a graphic behind it and making the font 20% or less of the entire image. Ok so here is what I created instead:

End Of Year Sales Event 2016 designed for Facebook.

This is not as informative as I would like it to be but, it’s pretty….. Hoping this resolves the issue as it is now in the review process. Fingers crossed and putting faith in to the Facebook guru’s that is doesn’t make shoppers look past it.

Positive mental attitude is what it’s all about people!

Now back to the shoppers and getting orders out to all who will be capitalizing on this great event. I will be checking my Ad Manager frequently as I watch to analytics of this event progress throughout the week. 🙂 Regardless of what it reports I am huge into positive mental attitude and will take all things with this event as a learning opportunity.

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