National Holidays & Observance Days Fun

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National Holidays & Observance Days Fun

Did you know we have a National Doughnut Day? It’s June 3rd. Or that we actually have a National Curmudgeon Day….. it’s tomorrow January 29th. I love fun and quirky little things that bring joy to me and my family’s life don’t you?! I had a moment the last week about seeking out our National Holidays & National Observance days to add some fun to our business (and of course marketing strategies). It was very interesting on how many silly, quirky, and forgotten ones there are. We love the fun ones but it is a great way to recognize and remember the history that has shaped our country and world too!

I have found the funnest links to a listing of the National Holiday and National Observance Days and have really enjoyed reading through them.  I have looked at many, yes many to me is how long my attention would allow at 2am which boils down to 5… give or take a few, and have decided to use three cumulatively for 2016!  The thing that is interesting is that they all are different, some focus on health awareness days, some on religious, others just fun and funky but all  hitting the major ones. I even came across one where you could submit your own day to and just provide them with a why you think it should be added! This was the one with the most diverse “days” that was for sure. Hahahaha I’ll let you find that one as some might not appreciate all that it had to offer.  😉

Links for you!

Here are the links I will be using but would love to know of yours too. 🙂 is one that you can choose either National Holidays or Observations Days by month. I have bookmarked it for easy retrieval! is the very straight forward National Holidays, no fuss no muss. We all need a little order in our lives right?! It gives you the option of seeing years before and years into the future so if you are a planner, eh-hem don’t knock us man, you can get them set for years to come. is really cool….. not only does it give you some never before heard of (ok, I’ve never heard of) days but it also has the option of viewing world clocks and time zones,  Sun and Moon calendars, Fun Articles and more. I poked around this one a lot.

Did I say three weeeelllll I actually meant four. Yep I forgot about this one until just now when I got an email. is one of the lists that has a day and sometimes multiple things per day you can celebrate. You can subscribe to receive email with what today is and you can also search for what is coming. I am sharing some of these days with my boys’ teachers as they would be fun for them to incorporate into school sessions! Because seriously who wouldn’t love to have National Chocolate Cake day at school where you can apply all of the days learning to it?

  • You have reading about it…..Literacy and Geography
  • Researching how it starts as a seed and grows and develops…..Science
  • Measuring out the ingredients and making a double batch to share needing to adding fractions….Math, plus more!  I just might have to volunteer that day….hmmmmmm.

Have fun with these and be sure to let me know if you find another great one to look at! Also if you haven’t already subscribed to our blog please do so and share it with your circle and “Like”us on Facebook so you can capitalize on the fun marketing we will be using our new found knowledge for! Who knows what kind of fun things we can pull our all natural handcrafted soaps, lotions, lip products and more into fun for everyone.

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