Spring Green

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Spring green is here…..

I was sooooooooooooooo excited to clean out my front herb garden yesterday and see the first Spring “green” peeking it’s head through! It has been unseasonably warm here in the Rocky Mountains so I probably shouldn’t have been so surprised to see it already but I was and am ready for them to be mature enough to harvest. I have my Chives poking their heads out plus my Peppermint and Spearmint trying to take over already. If you have planted mint of any type you will be able to relate to the constant on going battle with it trying to take over. LOL! Let’s just say I did the crazy thing and plant it directly in my bed, not in a container to stop it from spreading like a bad weed, and so each Spring, Summer and Fall I battle the ever populating plant.

Cimarron Creek Essentials Herb Garden

Growin’ my own

Cimarron Creek Essentials New Plants

I guess I should be careful with that title being from Colorado but I love being able to grow my own herbs and vegetables throughout the year and use them fresh when ever I can!  Here is the beginning of my Marigolds (Calendula), Dasies, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussel Sprouts. I can’t wait to see them poke their little green heads up after they have had time to germinate!






From by herb bed pictured above I use the Spearmint and Peppermint in the sun tea at my house, then in the fall dry bunches for use in hot tea to drink plus, in my “Tub Teas” that I use and sell for that infuses your bath water to make a heavenly soak.

Cimarron Creek Essentials Oregano

Spring Oregano

Cimarron Creek Essentials Peppermint

Spring Peppermint

Cimarron Creek Essentials Chives

Spring Chives








The Chives and Oregano that share this bed are pretty hardy and are awesome perennials that I use to add bright and fresh flavors to my kitchen! I can only use so many Chives before I am over them but I love, Love, LOVE the purple flowers that bloom on them! They are some of the very first flowers to bloom around my patch of heaven and my lovely honeybees frequent them drinking deep on their sweet spring nectar. I thoroughly enjoy sitting on the front step listening to them happily buzzing along them. Not only are they beautiful but are also very tasty when added to the top of a quiche or in a salad. Um….what is the little purple thing in my salad?! It is fun to have guests over and watch them eat them for the first time. Some are hesitant others dig in for the experience with not many that don’t like them. My boys Zig and Zag think it is great fun to be eating a flower.

I’ll have to share pictures on another post when it is in full bloom! My bees make them go wild and during the summer my husband says I should trim the mint with hedge trimmers because it is that thick and wonderful. I call it a bit overwhelming but he has fun.

To Be Continued…..

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