Cold Winter Weather Giving You Winter Skin?

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Snowflake Banner Cold Winter Weather Giving you Winter Skin?

Yikes! Can you believe we are already mid January? The new year is already on a roll and the cold has set in so chapped, dry skin and hair have begun. Whether you are enjoying this winter by being outside and participating in outdoor adventures or just making those walks/runs between your car, home or office winter is here and it is effecting your skin!I am getting calls, texts, emails and stopped on the street with questions on how to combat already chapped, dry skin and hair plus, how to prevent it!

It all comes down to the moisture content of your skin and hair is what I tell them. My first response is drink lots and LOTS of water so that your body can naturally flush the toxins and chemicals out of your body. After that let’s create deep retaining moisture so it gives a barrier against the harsh cold weather. Yes those up North have different conditions than those in the middle and southern states but the answer is the same! We offer a great line of products to help you combat Winter Skin so let’s break them down and explain what they can do for you and why they help.

Ingredients Are Key

Your skin is the largest organ your body has and we sometimes forget that so it is key that what you know what you put on your skin and why to get that healthy glowing appearance during any season.

It is always best to use only products that contain all natural ingredients so that what you are applying to your skin isn’t creating more of a problem (of course this is barring any allergies that one may have) through the use of harsh chemicals, synthetics and petroleum. Petroleum wicks away the Vitamins A & D from your skin which are vital nutrients needs to repair and replace damaged skin cells. When applying products with petroleum in them creates and endless cycle of dryness that can lead to chapped and even cracked skin.

There are many different levels of even natural ingredients so you want to ensure you aren’t using a “natural” ingredient that has actually been chemically stripped to produce it. It really defeats the purpose don’t you think? We use only the highest quality raw ingredients that have been thoroughly researched on the methods they use and where they come from. In return this gives us only the highest quality products we offer to you!

Meet My Hand & Body Lotion Cimarron Creek Essentials Peppermint 2oz Hand & Body Lotion

Now let’s get down to what we have to help you! I would like to introduce you to my Hand & Body Lotion (it’s fabulous, just sayin’)! It is a rich cream where a little bit goes a long way, is easily absorbed by your skin, plus leaves your hands soft, supple and velvety smooth. Oh yes it is truly that good.

In private test marketing and from customer testimonials, I have had people tell me that they can wash their hands two to three times before they have to reapply. (individual results may vary) That is huge!

We use only the highest quality of all natural/organic based raw goods when making our Hand & Body Lotion. First we start off with using triple purified water that goes through a reverse osmosis water system to remove all of the heavy minerals and chemicals out of our water source. Our proprietary blend of oils offers up multiple levels of moisturizing benefits. We use Cocoa Butter, Sesame Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Vegetable Glycerine and here is why……

Cocoa Butter:

Raw Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is an oil that is naturally soothing to the skin and is readily absorbed.  It is high in fatty acids, a natural source of antioxidants, Vitamin E and other vitamins and minerals. Because of these great properties it sooth, hydrates and balances the skin. Plus, it helps to keep skin supple helping guard against cracking because applying topically it creates a barrier between skin and the environment. We also use it because we have found that it has helped our clients with eczema and dermatitis, but again individual results will vary.


Sesame Seed Oil:

SesameSesame Seed Oil Oil is chalk full of many different vitamins and minerals. We love it in our lotion because of the Zinc, Vitamin B6, and Copper. Zinc is a mineral that is essential in producing collagen giving your skin more elasticity. It aids in repairing damaged tissues, soothing burns and aids in skin related issues. The Vitamin B6 helps maintain the overall condition of your skin and has been know in treating a number of different skin problems including eczema, dry skin and psoriasis. Copper plays a significant role in the synthesis of collagen and is also actively involved in the the production of elastin keeping the skin flexible, helps avoid sagging and having wrinkles, giving your skin a more youthful appearance.


Sweet Almond Oil:

Sweet Almond OilSweet Almond Oil a light oil that penetrates the skin and hair easily. Because it has emollient properties, it has the ability to rejuvenate, soften and condition the skin and by doing such improving the tone and complexion. It also protects from sun damage and signs of aging. It is high in fatty acids and contains vitamins A and E making it well suited for problem, dry and itchy skin.



Vegetable Glycerine:

Vegetable GlycerineVegetable Glycerine is amazing humectant! What is a humectant you say? Well it draws moisture out of the air onto the skin but also acts as a barrier and keeps the moisture in as well. Glycerine is easily absorbed and deeply penetrates making it soft, smoothing the skin texture and plumping it for a younger look. It is a perfect ingredient to combat dry and irritated skin.




In addition to these amazing ingredients we finish off the production of our lotion by using Specialty Denatured Alcohol (SDA-40D), BTMS Emulsifying Wax, and Fragrance Oils, Essential Oils or adding none of the above for those of our customers with allergies or scent aversion.

The SDA-40D is our full spectrum anti-mold, yeast, bacterial, fungal and viral preservative. Ever get to much lotion out of your bottle and then scrape it back in to save for a later date? Well you have just contaminated the whole bottle with what might be hanging out on your hands, yes people we are talking about germs, chemicals, food, etc. This is why we use the SDA-40D, as it doesn’t allow fun things to be grown in the lotion. No one and I repeat NO ONE wants to have a living petri dish alive and growing little nasties (microbial)  that they then would put on their skin. Yuck! Plus it dissipates in less than 30 seconds and we have tested our lotions for two years ensuring that if there are no outside contaminates are introduced we maintain a sterile formula.

We use BTMS Emulsifying Wax to combine our lovely ingredients for you. It is 100% derived from vegetables and is all natural.

Last are the Fragrance and Essential Oils we use for fragrance purposes. Our fragrance oils are of the highest quality and are certified to us to be paraben, phthalate, and formaldehyde free. As for the essential oils we use only therapeutic grade to ensure the benefits of each oil.

Get yours today!

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