Ginger Peach: May 2016 Scent of the Month

Ginger Peach: May 2016 Scent of the Month

We are excited to announce that our Ginger Peach Product Line is our scent of the month for May. This widely loved scent is available in a wide variety of the products we make. You can find it in our handcrafted soap, both in the standard bar size and quarter bar size, our hand and body lotion, in both sizes, and our sugar scrub cubes!

 Scents of Summer

The fragrance we us is a high quality fragrance oil that has been certified to us not to contain any parabens, phthlates, formaldehyde or mineral oil. Why make a great product only to pour it back in with the fragrance I say! It is a heavenly blend that smells fresh and fruity with an amazing fragrance reminiscent of a big juicy sweet peach and a little snap from the ginger. It is the perfect scent to kick off your summer with!

Benefits for Skin

As with all of our soaps it is made with our standard soap recipe that is very mild, it registers as a 7.25 on the pH scale. Because you are not stripping your skin of any of it’s natural sebum and helps prevent dry skin. In addition to our mild formula we add Sweet Almond Oil in at the last moment to offer a light moisturizer that stays with your skin but doesn’t feel greasy or leave a heavy feel skin!

Savings for you

As we stated above Oatmeal Honey, in the full line, is on sale this month at 10% off! Click on the banner below to be redirected to all of the products in our store. I am sure you won’t be able to live without any of them. Happy shopping!

Cimarron Creek Essentials Ginger Peach May scent of the month

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