About Us


A little history of how Cimarron Creek Essentials came to be…….

I started making soap when my two young boys started having skin problems at the ages of 2 and 3. Their dry, itchy, irritated red skin was driving them bananas. I was starting to get frustrated because no matter what I used it didn’t seem to help or only helped for a short time before recurring. Like most moms I started doing research to see what could be causing it, how to treat it, and what to do to prevent it from coming back. I was searching on the Internet when eureka! I found so many helpful websites that dealt with essential oils, natural oils and butters that outlined their healing properties that I started going more in-depth.

I soon developed a passion for the knowledge that I was obtaining. Not only was it allowing my to take a holistic approach towards treating my children’s skin problem but it comforted me with the knowledge that I wasn’t having to take them to a doctor or put more chemicals into their systems. Now they are doing great! I have gained so much from this. My children don’t have problem skin, I have reduced the amount of chemicals my family is exposed to, and have acquired a knowledge of a buried passion in the art of making soaps, lotions, lip products and so much more!

After having success at making awesome products I had friends and family members try my products. They liked them so well they then wanted to start purchasing them for themselves and viola I started my own soap and bath essentials company, Cimarron Creek Essentials, LLC! Now after much trial and error I have a great company that allows me to work at my passion everyday.

Thanks for your interest about our great company and I hope we get to know you too!

Tracy J. Reule

Founder, Owner, Formulator, Blogger and all around Lady Boss


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